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Oh yes this will be mine.

The root of all problems, well some problems

Think I would get into trouble wearing this at work?

Ya probably would.
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Couple of notes from the work side:

1. Its good to go shopping with the boss, specially when said shopping
is going to the Apple Store....ya not arguing there and it was a "heck ya lets go".
It included spending some of the company's money and some of my
bonus (which I again got early, and I got more so my "pretty"
was paid for in full, and I used the company discount on it to boot).

2. He is currently outside our office at a desk....watching...."The IT Crowd".

3. A trip to the Mothership tomorrow.
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Yes just like Abbi of NCIS, well ok I have been taking unboxing photos
even before that but...yes here is my new "toy" at work.

Xserve, apple, 1 each.

64 bit Xeon processor, 12 gigs of ram and 3 750 gb hard drives.

(insert Tim Allen grunts here)

Oh these were taken with the camera in my iPhone so no photo reviews
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Ok this isn't the super secret thing (will really be dancing about that one), but after a couple of months of waiting I have a big box outside of my office right now.

From Cupertino, by way of Orem, UT, San Diego, back to Orem, back to Cupertino to get fix, back to Orem and finally here..

Unboxing photos to follow.


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