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I know I promised this awhile ago. I haven't gotten
a chance to really put it into words cause it still
kinda freaks me out in a good way, and yes this
is a no shit story.

I was working P-Con this year (my first, and totally not
my last time to do that, if they want me back in CAT (ConOps)
I am there with bells on). I brought my ribbons just
in case, I didn't know if P-Con did the ribbon thing
and if they did it would be good to have ribbons,
cause you never know and I am glad I did.

So being on CAT you "wander" the halls making sure
things go smoothly and fix them when they aren't.
Needless to say there were many folks who wanted
a "Torchwood" ribbon.

One woman in particular had trouble finding me, and
kept passing messages through "the jackal". She really
really wanted Torchwood ribbons.

I finally got caught by her, very late
one evening/early morning con time.

She didn't want just one she wanted 7!

Why did she need 7 I asked.

She wanted 1 for herself.

The other 6 were for other folks.

She then explained,she is an Associate Director.

She is an Associate Director for home video stuff.

She is an Associate Director for Home Video for BBC America (oh it gets better)

She is an Associate Director for Home Video for BBC America,
for TORCHWOOD! (and she does some stuff for Doctor Who)

She wanted the other 6 ribbons to send across the pond (*grins* no it gets better
and this is the "holy crap" part)

Those six ribbons have been sent across the Atlantic and given to
the following folks (big smiles):

John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness, yummy and wish I could have put it on him myself!)
Eve Myles (Gwen)
Burn Gorman (Owen)
Naoko Mori (Tosh, I like her nickname better than Toshiko, but that is cool too)
Gareth David-Llyod (Ianto)
James Marsters (Capt. John, and specifically asked if she wanted to make sure
he got one....DUH! I told her "Of course I wanted him to have one").

Yes, my Torchwood ribbons have been given to the cast of Torchwood!


I wrote this person at her BBC e-mail address and she did write back and
said she had sent them and that they were given to the cast but at
that time (about 2 or 3 weeks ago) they cast were wrapping up this
season and doing that "after season promotion type things" but she
would write me and let me know what the cast thought of them!

See why I wanted to wait and tell you folks, you would have thought
it was an April Fools joke. But it isn't and I am still sorta floored by it.


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