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Ok so here is the scoop.

Yup I have a MacBook Pro sitting on my desk at home and I have a
MacBook Pro for work but that one belongs to the company and
if/when I leave I sorta have to give it back. I was going through
thoughts about what I would want in a carry around notebook
and came up with the list.

1. Must be lighter than the MacBook Pro.
2. Better battery life would be nice.
3. Screen size was a toss up.
4. I would sacrifice speed for the weight if all else failed.

So I was going to get a MacBook Air a few weeks ago but decided to wait since
well the rumors were flying around about the new MacBook.

I am very very very glad I did because I got the new MacBook. Its a pound lighter, at
4 pounds and change (only a pound heavier than the Mac Book Air) than the original MacBook
and a pound and a half lighter then the MacBook Pro (trust me I feel the difference when
it is in my backpack and I carry it everywhere).

The screen is beyond bright and loving that it is LED "powered". It comes on pretty much
immediately, vice the bit of warm up time for the older models.

The "brick"/unibody design makes it feel rock solid. Even more so than the MacBook Pro.
There is just the cover on the bottom that is split (a latch opens up the battery and
hard drive compartment, and a cover, covers the ram and the bottom of it) but thats it
It really is "brick" solid.

I am getting used to the screen real estate since I am used to the 15" but it hasn't really
effected the way I work.

I got the "mid line" version and ordered RAM from (AKA Other World Computing).
and bumped it up to 4 gigs of ram (so yes I max-ed it out). I haven't really noticed a speed drop
with going from the 2.4ghz processor to the 2.0 ghz processor, though I think that the new
graphics chip in it is making up a lot of ground in this verion.

Do I miss the FireWire port? Yes and no. I missed it when I had only the firewire cable with me
but when I did Migration assistant I just migrated from a Time Machine back up with
a USB cable. No problems and I now carry around a USB/mini USB cable for the external
hard drive.

If you thought swapping out the hard drive was easy on the older Macbook. This one is even easier.
Remove the battery cover, remove one, yes ONE screw, swap out hard drive.

Adding the extra RAM instead of just three screws, its now 8 but they are right on the bottom (again
after removing the batter cover for the bottom four).

Speaking of battery life...for me, at least so far its DOUBLE what I was getting (I am at about 4 and a half
hours vs. the 2 I was getting on the MacBook Pro).

Oh the new button-less track pad rocks my socks. Beyond smooth and well really its just that the
whole track pad is a button and yes you do get the tactile feeling when you do press down on it.
Oh I love the keyboard too, no matter what other folks are saying about loosing speed if you
are a touch typist...I haven't lost a beat with the new keyboard.

Also I got it when me and the boss did our "shopping trip" since the CEO wanted one and wanted a
MacBook Pro also, so I got the company discount (though I paid for it so its mine all mine mwuh hahah)
and I picked up Apple Care with my discount (military/retired military discount).

All in all very happy with it and it sorta puts my work MacBook Pro to shame performance wise.
With this the line between consumer and professional notebooks that Apple carries just got
a little more blurry.

More pictures behind the cut.
My pretty )
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Well yes its "announcement Tuesday" and the Apple store is down.

Hopefully my "pretty" will be announced...well I have seen the pictures, and oh
some Genius/Specialist/Concierge may loose their job since the "background"
of the pictures posted look really familiar.

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Yes just like Abbi of NCIS, well ok I have been taking unboxing photos
even before that but...yes here is my new "toy" at work.

Xserve, apple, 1 each.

64 bit Xeon processor, 12 gigs of ram and 3 750 gb hard drives.

(insert Tim Allen grunts here)

Oh these were taken with the camera in my iPhone so no photo reviews
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Ok this isn't the super secret thing (will really be dancing about that one), but after a couple of months of waiting I have a big box outside of my office right now.

From Cupertino, by way of Orem, UT, San Diego, back to Orem, back to Cupertino to get fix, back to Orem and finally here..

Unboxing photos to follow.


Friday, 19 September 2008 18:54
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Why did I get a big, LOL type chuckle out of this.

Yanked from Appleinsider but seen on Engadget, and other tech type blogs.

Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' campaign created with Macs

Metadata found on Microsoft's creative copy used in its 'I'm a PC' ad reveals that the graphics were actually produced using Macs running Adobe Creative Suite 3. After the details were published on the Flickr photo sharing site, Microsoft scrambled to polish off the embarrassing details last night
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Mmmmmmm iPhone 2.0 software.

Toying with

Saturday, 21 June 2008 09:07
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I have been toying with getting rid of my G5 iMac. Since I have the MacBook Pro I
have been thinking about just getting a display for the office (the
Apple Cinema HD Display (23" flat panel) since it has a couple of firewire
ports on it) and using the MacBook Pro all the time since it now has the
same size hard drive as the iMac, and well has "intel inside".

Hmmmm this is what happens when its too hot out at 9:07am, I get ideas


Monday, 9 June 2008 11:47
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3G iPhone with GPS...


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