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Birthdate:May 20
Location:California, United States of America
Hmmmm don't know what to say here since I have been growing and changing
over the years or so since I started my LJ way back when. I don't even
know the basics anymore. I know that I have some very important people in my
life and that, that is a good thing.

I have cool new piercings to celebrate my retirement from one life....
However I had to take those out for my old job, which I loved more
than the visible piercings. Now that I am not working there I have
put them back in. I did get a couple more in the other ear, I think
those are just a reminder for me of "stuff" that I don't want to forget.
Plus my co-workers think they are pretty cool.

Anywho they used to go with the three others I still have (you have to
get to know me better before I tell you where they are, but one is my
belly button (a birthday present to me)). Just recently I got four more,
yes they are non-visible, and you probably have to know me for me to
tell you where they are or show you them. I did them over the course of
a week, first one on a Sunday, then the next one on a Weds and the last
one on the Saturday of that week. I did get the last one there,
and figure that was a good place to stop., I haven't gotten anything else pierced but I have finally
gotten my first tattoo. And my second, and third and forth. They
are all personal to me, I didn't just pick them out of a book, though
two are "icons" (one the original Apple logo and the Santa Fe
Railway logo, and those are what kept me out of trouble as a kid
and more recently kept me sorta sane and from doing something
stupid) and oh there are more since I wrote this on LJ, 5 more. The other two are to remind me that I have more internal
strength than I think I have (and won't put up with...well whatever you
want to insert into that statement) and the other is my "anchor". No,
seriously its an anchor to remind me that I am a chief and that well
when I put my mind to something anything is possible.

So for those of you playing the home version of our game,
the score is: 8 piercings (4 visible, 4 non-visible) and 6 tattoos.

I am geek, I am a SciFi geek and since my time on the Apple II at
school (high school folks) a computer geek. I have a fascination with
Aaron Sorkin's TV shows (especially Sports Night, West Wing and now
Studio 60), I am a die hard Red Sox fan (Thank you Nana and
I wish you could have seen and shared with me the last few years
especially 2004 and 2007, you would have loved it *S*).

There were a few years there, during the last couple of years in the
Coast Guard (but didn't have anything to do with the Coast Guard, sorta),
were I really doubted myself and who I was. Glad those days are over.

The last 2 years I think I have volunteered to work at the bigger cons
in the Bay Area (BayCon, FurCon...stop me before I volunteer again,
oops that didn't happen and now I have worked P-Con). I like doing it
and feel like I connect with more people than I ever could
in the past. I guess it is also gives me that sense of "I have
found my tribe" sorta thing.

If I had to sum up myself "A bit interesting, a bit weird, always entertaining".

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